Terms of Service

Soldiers Never Sleep (sNs) is a casual gaming community. We pride ourselves on trying as hard as we can to make a welcoming and friendly environment for both the PS4 and the PC platforms. We will always select our members based on their personality, and never on a basis of skill or K/D ratio. The majority of our events are casual of nature, and although we will try some clan vs clan events, this will never be our main selling point. The staff team considers running this community a hobby and not a job, and we encourage you to not consider applying to sNs if you expect a hardcore level of commitment from the staff team. The framework for this community is set up by the staff, but filling up the framework is heavily dependant on the members. 

Recruitment process

You become a member by filling out the application form, and ultimately being accepted in. This grants you the ‘recruit’ rank. After a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 1 month, you are eligible to be promoted to a full member. If you have still not shown enough activity after 1 month of membership, you are automatically removed from the recruit rank and are removed from all memberlists. ‘Activity’ consists of both Discord and ingame activity. A solid requirement of being promoted to a full member is reaching level 3 on our Discord ranking system. As a recruit, but after that as a member as well, you are expected to have read and understood all the rules and guidelines stated below. By becoming a full member, you commit yourself to always represent sNs in the games we officially support, aka the games with Game Leaders. Our main games are all games from the Battlefield-franchise and, recently, the Rainbow Six: Siege game. Multiclanning for these games is not allowed. The only two situations in which multiclanning is in fact allowed in sNs, are:  You are looking for players on a game we do not officially support, and you would rather join an existing group than help sNs support that game by stepping up to the plate and letting us know you want to help out. You want a hardcore competitive experience and sNs does not offer this for you with its existing semi-competitive crew.

Punishments: warnings, mutes, kicks and bans

We (the Founders) do not punish people lightly, often discuss at great lengths if a punishment is justified, and what that punishment should be. We will always encourage people to talk any issues out among themselves, as we are all adults here. If the issue cannot be solved internally, the Founders have the right to step in and fix the situation as they feel is the most beneficial to the community as a whole. If there is not an issue between yourself and another member but you have broken a rule or guideline, we will always talk to you before issuing any warning.  What follows below is a possible scenario when a conflict does not get resolved. – Two members have an issue between them. If this can be fixed by a temporary mute, so everything cools down, we encourage this. A permanent mute is very heavily discouraged, as it does not allow the issue to be fixed. Also, it disallows the muted person to join any PSN party where that other person is in. Other solutions to this are avoiding eachother temporarily. We can’t force you to play with eachother, but we can ask you to be civil towards eachother and give others another chance. – If the issue persists (because of a permanent mute / exclusion of eachother in PSN parties or elsewhere / continuing in any other form) the Founders can issue an official warning to anyone involved. Breaking any guideline or rule stated in these Terms of Service can also result in a warning. Three of these warnings within 6 months can result in temporary or permanent removal from the clan, decided on a case-by-case basis. – If the issue is serious enough, the Founder(s) can skip the guideline of three warnings and can immediately issue a final warning.  – If the person(s) involved show good behaviour for at least 3 months without any issue reported, one of these warnings can possibly be removed.  It’s possible to ‘appeal’ a warning once when issued. Do this by PM’ing any or all founders and by explaining your point of view, and why you think you got a warning unjustly. By becoming a recruit and/or a member; viewing, participating, registering, posting, and/or any other activity that is possible on any Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming Community page (including the forums/Discord) or its affiliates, you agree to these Terms Of Service and General Membership Rules, stated on this page and any others displayed in this forum or elsewhere on this website.

Sub part 1: general membership rules

– You must be at least 18 years old to join Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming and represent our tags in game. Exceptions to this are extremely rare.

– You may not post external links of personal gain, this includes, but is not limited to: illegal links, personal websites, endorsing other clans, communities or products, etc. without written permission from the Administration.
– You may not create multiple accounts. Each user is only allotted ONE Account. You may have multiple gaming accounts, but only one user account on the website and the Discord server.
– Your username on the website must attempt to be a readable form of language and not simply special characters, unless in the event that these characters are an exact replica of your actual gaming alias.
– You may not post images/links that contain nude adult content in the chatbox or in public forum posts. We are an 18+ clan, but we are NOT a porn site. Private messages are not monitored and you may relay messages this way unrestricted. Some of us access the website from work and we do not need to worry about this kind of stuff.
– You may not misrepresent yourself as any organization or person you’re not or imply that you represent Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming without prior written permission by all Founders.
– You may not post regarding race, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion, income, marital status or any hate of the previously listed thereof. If you do, the Administration has the right to remove or edit your post and/or to edit or revoke your membership status.
– You may not post personally identifiable information about yourself or anyone else. That includes, but is not limited to, Social Security numbers, bank numbers, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
– You may not have avatars of a racy or hateful nature.
– You may not flame another member on the forums or Discord publicly. If you have a beef with another member, take it to Private Messages or seek the help of a Staff Member. Flaming is to be defined by the current Administration on a case by case basis but generally means that you are arguing with another member in a tear-down, verbal, profane and personal sort of way.
– You are expected to follow any additional rules or policies as set forth on this site by the administration within these forums or anywhere that Soldiers Never Sleep has authority. – It is not allowed to be in any other clan for a game that sNs officially supports with Game Leaders, except if; 1) you want to join a clan or community for a game that sNs does not officially support, rather than help sNs build a crew for said game, or 2) you want a competitive experience that the sNs semi-competitive crew cannot provide. – Leaving the Soldiers Never Sleep Discord channel is equal to leaving the community as a whole, and allows The Administration to remove you from any and all affiliated websites / groups / community channels. When you do rejoin the Discord channel, you will need to reapply and run through the recruitment process again. If you think you should be allowed reentry and reinstated into membership freely, you need written permission from a Founder. – Breaking any of the guidelines or rules stated in the Terms Of Service or on any other official sNs Community page can result in a temporary or permanent removal from the clan.

Sub part 2: the sNs guidelines to social conduct

– English is the official language of the Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming Community. Use of any other language in an official sNs communication channel is discouraged.
– Proper spelling, grammar, and speech is expected when applicable.
– Profanity is only tolerated to a certain extent. We do not tolerate abusive language, excessive racism, discrimination based on gender/profession/religion/age/… . However, we expect members to find a solution for this themselves first. If another player is harassing you relentlessly, then mute them, block them, or play in a different lobby. If the issue persists, please contact anyone within the Administration.
– You will respect your fellow clan members and new recruits. Any disputes should be settled among yourselves in a civil manner while respecting both parties; if not, the Administration can settle it by banning one of you or both of you. – Settling issues between members means all parties involved agree with the solution. This can be temporary mutes, avoiding eachother or other measures. Permanent mutes or blocks are very heavily discouraged for multiple reasons, but not forbidden. – On PSN, the use of private parties is not allowed, unless for specific and one-time events only (such as clan matches or a private talk with someone).
– You will respect the Administration and those in authority within Soldiers Never Sleep at all times. It’s not forbidden to dislike any/all members from the Administration, but it is required to respect decisions that are made by them.
– You will respect your elders. Those members have been here a longer period of time than you and know a lot more about how things work around here. Listen to them and respect them because they know a lot more about this place than you do.
– Cheating in any form in an online ranked match is not tolerated and will result in an immediate 1 week ban pending review and may result in expulsion from the clan. Cheating includes, but is not limited to: any form of stat boosting or exploitation.
– Stat boosting and exploitation is to be defined on a case by case basis by the Administration.
– Always try to help out the new clan members on-site and in-game as needed. A community grows more educated by informing and educating its younger members.
– The creation or setting up of any form of site, social media page, in-game clans, groups or any other form of community referring to sNs must be approved by all Founders in writing before it is set up.

Sub part 3: the Administration

-The Administration is referring to any Founder or Staff member including, but not limited to, Game Leaders, Recruiters, and any other staff position within the organization.
-The Terms of Service and General Membership Rules may be changed at any time without prior notice by The Administration.
-The Administration reserves the right to restrict or revoke membership in any way or time and for any reason at the Administration’s discretion.
-The Administration reserves the right to edit any members posts, threads, images, signatures, avatars, or any other personal profile aspect at any time for any reason at the Administration’s discretion without prior notice.
-The ‘users’ and ‘members’ is referring to any person or member that is registered on any Soldiers Never Sleep Community page and/or represents her interests in-game or elsewhere on the world wide web.
-The Administration reserves the right to limit, restrict, revoke, or terminate any User without prior notice and for any reason at any time at the Administration’s discretion.
-[sNs] can be referring to Soldiers Never Sleep, Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming, Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming Community, etc.

Sub part 4: website or other content

– Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming Community can not be held responsible for any content (including users) contained within the site or on Discord.
– The opinions contained within the site are not necessarily those of Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming Community or its Administration.
– You agree that no legal action whatsoever, will be taken against Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming Community or its Administration. This includes past, present and future.
– You agree not to copy, reprint, or establish a website using information gathered at SNSCLAN.COM or its affiliates, to do so by using any of the original information that was created by the Administration, will result in banishment and/or deletion of your account and the possibility of legal action taken against your organization.
– You agree not to advertise, promote, post links, and mention products or services that you or someone you know will gain from unless otherwise allowed in a specific area.
– You agree not to spam the users of Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming by: a) sending out mass Private Messages to members of the Community with illegal or banished content. b) posting multiple times in a thread with intent to up your post count using a single world such as, “LOL” “Cool” “Ok” or with any other form of reply that is irrelevant to the discussion. c) Replying to threads that are older than 2 months without justifiable cause.
– You agree that all content you post conform to all local, national, and continental laws on and or within the planet known as Earth and any satellites of said planet.
– You agree that all information submitted becomes the sole property of Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming and her affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to pictures, images, posts, content, tutorials, lessons, frameworks, infrastructures, etc.
– The rules stated in the Terms Of Service overrule any overlapping other rule, posted anywhere else within any sNs Community page.

Updated – 09/05/2018 – reason: reorganised, added new rules

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