Welcome to Soldiers Never Sleep Clan

We are a casual community of PS4/PS5 and PC players. We’re are here for the fun and not the KD stats. You need to be at least 18 +. Find out more on the Join page. We play a different set of games like COD MW, COD BOCW, Destiny 2, R6S, Among Us, Insurgency:Sandstorm, Hunt Showdown, Battlefield 5 and a lot more.

As much as we like to play games, we also like to just hang around in Discord. We understand the importance of real life and family, and we will never force you to attend events. To join our Discord server, just copy the link below. It’s where we hang out, plan events, share videos and gaming news.

just a click away

Joins us now on Discord

What we have to offer:

Our own website and Discord server

Internal clan events

Active and involved staff

Members online daily

Who would benefit from being in sNs ?

You’re looking for a fun and active community

You’re running 3 jobs and have 4 kids, so you just want a place to relax

You don’t like ultra competetive clans who will kick you for your stats

You don’t like discriminating anyone for ingame our real-life reasons

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