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Founder Zer0Her0

[PC][PS4][US]Hey all, I’m zer0her0 but you can just call me Zer0. I first got into gaming w/ Doom, and was hooked w/ MP gaming when Quakeworld was released. Yea I’m old. I play mostly FPS, but known to dabble in MMOs, RPGs, & flight/space sims.

Currently playing CoD & BFV on PS4, and Destiny 2 on PC. I’m zer0her0 on both PSN & Steam, feel free to add me. I’m based on the East Coast US, mostly play from 9/10ish to 11/12 weekdays, and generally mid morning and evenings on weekends.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions or just want to chat.

Member of the Month: whistu

He may be relatively new to the clan, but he’s as old school gamer as you can get. Always up to help you out in a firefight or just have a nice chat. That’s why I’d like to congratulate whistu on being our Member of the Month. Congratulations, thanks for all the good games, friendly banter, and good laughs.

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